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      About us

      The Gone Missing clothing label and design studio was founded in 2015 out of an admiration for free thinking and a desire to add a more fulfilling side to the fashion industry. Our intention with the brand is to create high quality products through environmentally conscious small-batch manufacturing. We have a heavy appreciation for craftsmanship and incorporate hand-made elements in most of what we create. For that reason we make sure to work with factories that pay their employees fairly and treat them with respect and admiration for their careful work.

      Our goal is to create an identity that can stand up to both time and trends. We’ve recently developed our first cut and sew collection using only upcycled fabrics sourced locally from the remnants of the Los Angeles apparel industry. It’s a limited run made with care, meaning only a few of each garment exists making each one special. We aim to continue to give new life to abandoned fabrics by repurposing them in a contemporary style through lasting sewing techniques and into thoughtful, versatile shapes.

      For any inquiries reach us at info@gonemissing.us