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      Karen shows us how she stays grounded and true to herself through a connection with nature right in her home in Echo Park, LA

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      Kitchen Table Artist Residency: Ebi the Serious
      Gone Missing’s Kitchen Table Artist Residency is an ongoing conversation with different artists on subjects in which we connect.
      Tobias Gutmann:
      The creative maverick talks about liberating himself from labels and using inspiration from traveling to propel his creativity. 
      Mirage Tee: In collaboration with Nadine Kolodziey
      The story behind our first artist collaboration tee, with Nadine Kolodziey.
      Robbie Simon:  Hobbies into work
      Robbie addresses the ability to have no wall between work and play while touching on exploring different mediums and why it's important...
      Julian Glander: It starts with a feeling
      We chatted with Julian Glander as we made our way through his surreal world of colors, characters and puffy blobby things.
      Ty Williams: A nomad
      Ty Williams is an artist who learned staying on the road promotes more creativity than being stationary in a studio
      Nadine Kolodziey won't stop moving
      "The magic of the first draft/design is my favorite because it is so intuitive. In general I don’t like pre...
      Antti Lovag: The Anti-Architect
      Total disregard for the status quo of architecture and incomparable style. Antti Lovag is one of the most respected architects...
      Ryan Day's Abstracted Memories
      Ryan Day revives his own nostalgia through pastel colors and thick paint strokes.