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      Las Flores de Karen

      After a few years of interviewing artists around the world via email and phone calls we knew we wanted to break out of a written medium. A written interview may be able to inspire a readers visuals, but we wanted to do more than that. We wanted to invite our viewers into the lives of the people we were interviewing and show them what passionate living really looks like. We are excited to present to you the first installment of Gone Missing Films: “Las Flores de Karen”.

      We linked up with director, Alison Yardley, who introduced us to a spirited soul named Karen Wong. While Karen may not be a full time artist we all felt she embodied Gone Missing's overall idea of passionate living. Karen loves and lives for plants and uses her passion for plant life as a means of meditation and finding personal peace. 

      Our director's note: 

      "Karen Wong is the type of woman you meet and instantly want to be. She is as hilarious as she is sincere. She is warm yet stubborn. She does not assimilate to anyone’s standards or expectations. The more I got to know Karen, the more I found that becoming totally comfortable with who you are is a process, and the way to get there is by finding the things that make you the happiest. Karen lives surrounded by nature; she does this because nature is where her truest self resides. I think this moment in time especially, is a great opportunity to find things you are passionate about too, and inevitably discovering more of who you are along the way." - Alison Yardley



      "When you distract yourself with something you like, your brain is not thinking. It is just being."


      We spent the day listening to Karen's insights as she toured us around her home in Echo Park, Los Angeles. We walked through her garden and as Karen named every plant and vegetable, she picked the ingredients to make both a beautiful floral arrangement and delicious lunch. 

      To say we all left feeling inspired is an understatement. There's something to be said about growing your own food and adornments for your home. It takes hard work and a lot of attention, but you can reap the rewards and feel a deeper connection to nature. 

      We hope this video inspires you to find a vessel to get lost in during this time of uncertainty. Maybe this will remind you that before all those adult responsibilities became a reality, you were just a child skipping and running around too.